Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Gaming Year in Review

It's fun for me to look back at the year that has past and reflect on the games that I've played and the people that I've played them with. 2016 was a great year for gaming.  I played a lot of games and strengthened relationships while doing it!  In total I played 309 games representing 66 different games.  My top 10 games played are below:

Dice Masters - 27
Pandemic Legacy - 17
Legendary:  A Marvel Deckbuilding Game - 16
Bounce Off - 13
No Thanks! - 13
Coloretto - 11
King of Tokyo - 10
Qwixx - 10
Crokinole - 9
Sorry Sliders - 9

My most enjoyable gaming experience of 2016 is by far Pandemic Legacy.  We got Pandemic Legacy for Christmas last year and started playing with our good friends on New Years Eve 2015.  It took us 17 plays and about 10 months to finish.  I've always been a fan of Pandemic, but the Legacy format takes it to another level.  I'm looking forward to Pandemic Legacy Season Two that's coming out later this year.

I also had a lot of fun gaming with some guys in my neighborhood this year as well.  In March I organized a game group and we've gotten together almost every month since.  We usually have from 4 - 8 people show up and have a great time for 3 or so hours.  There were some especially memorable games of Resistance where I realized that I'm really bad at Resistance.  It was still a great time though.

2016 was also the year that my daughter is really starting to understand "dads" games.  She can play almost anything on my shelf.  We recently purchased The Castles of Burgundy.  I thought this one might be a little to heavy for her, but we decided to give it a shot.  She picked up the rules quickly and stays pretty competitive for the whole game.  She's also played Lancaster, Legendary, and many games of Dice Masters.  I'm thinking Agricola and Imperial Assault are in her future this year. 

While seeing the number of games played is fun for me, what's best about logging the games I play is remembering the experiences I had with the people I care about.  The time spent gaming represents time invested in people.  I look forward to 2017 and the fun games in my future.  Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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