Monday, July 13, 2009

A Gathering of Strangers

Last Friday I took work off and convinced Alicia that it would be a good idea to go to a board game convention. How I got her to agree to that I will never know. What can I say, I have an amazing wife. We ended up having a great time. We met some new people and played some great games. We got there around 3 and ended up leaving a little after 10. Here's a list of the games we played:

  1. Ninja vs Ninja

  2. Cover up

  3. Mix up

  4. Stone Age

  5. Letter Flip

  6. My Word

  7. Dominion: Intrigue

The big winner for me was by far Dominion Intrigue. There are only two games that I have rated a 10 out of 10, and Dominion Intrigue is one of them. The action cards are A LOT more interactive than in the original, and some are just downright mean.

The Torturer for example forces all players to immediately discard two cards or gain a curse card, and there are many others that do equally nasty things. The interaction forces you to change your strategy on the fly. If you see someone taking an attack card, you should probably buy some secret chamber cards to counter and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to load up on a few attack cards as well.

One of the fun parts of this game is trying to find the perfect balance between kingdom cards and treasure cards. You have to have treasure cards, especially gold and silver, if you are going to buy any provinces/duchies, but you need action cards to help you get more gold in order to buy the provinces/duchies. I'm still trying to master that balance, and it's a blast trying to figure it out.

For a full review of the game and more information than you would probably ever want to know check out

Overall the convention was a success. This might even be something we do every year, if I'm extra nice to Alicia that is. :)

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